New York Times interviews HI founder, highlights FTW!

On July 25, The New York Times published "Adding Punch to Influence Public Opinion," an article profiling the Harmony Institute, and highlighting its inaugural publication, Net Neutrality For The Win. The article introduced Harmony's mission to the general public, while offering insight into its unique methodology.

"We're breaking ground here," Harmony Institute Founder and Director John S. Johnson told The Times. While Harmony maintains that it's clear "persuasion is inseparable from entertainment," the Institute is undertaking the real issue of "whether it works," that is the application of behavioral science in the creation of entertainment.

"If it is conscious and if it has rigor, it's much more effective," maintained Johnson.



June 23 Huffington Post Release: "So You Think You Can Download"

Accompanying the nation-wide release of Net Neutrality For The Win was a June 23 Huffington Post article authored by John S. Johnson, Founder and Director of the Harmony Institute.

"So You Think You Can Download?" generated commentary on net neutrality from readers across the web, widening the discourse and expanding the community of those concerned over the latest threat to the open Internet.