The Harmony Institute Method for Entertainment-Education

Concern about net neutrality stems from an awareness that supporting fair, open access to the Internet is one of the most powerful ways to foster democracy, nurture innovation, and provide access to services that have the potential to enhance our public and private lives. By strategically promoting net neutrality among entertainment audiences, communicators are not simply promoting an open Internet, but investing in a rich platform for national debate on issues from domestic health care reform to international energy policy—issues that are greatly influenced by these online conversations.

Part II of FTW! Net Neutrality For The Win: How to Use Entertainment and the Science of Influence to Save Your Internet will introduce communicators to a new methodology created by the Harmony Institute for incorporating social issues into entertainment, one that supports dialog and behavior change through narrative entertainment. Illustrating strategies derived from the behavioral sciences, this guide is written for policy makers, educators, advocates, media professionals, and entertainment creators who seek a comprehensive framework for embracing entertainment as an effective advocacy tool.